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Evan McMullin - At Last A Reasonable Choice for the White House - 9/6/16

For some time I have been wondering who I could vote for in the upcoming Presidential election.  Both of the major party candidates are out, each of them are despicable excuses for human beings.

I could of course simply refrain from voting for anyone at all, but my watch cry has always been-if you don't vote, you have no right to complain afterwards.

Until very recently, I thought that voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party candidates was an option.  I don't agree entirely with the libertarian philosophy, but it comes a lot closer to being a conservative Republican point of view than that of any either Trump or Clinton.  If the Libertarian candidate had been Ron Paul again this year, I wouldn't have hesitated to vote for him.  However, recent reports seem to indicate that Johnson, a former Republican governor of New Mexico, has some odd ideas about what constitutes a "libertarian" position.  For example, he has indicated that private bakers who decline to make cakes for homosexual or lesbian celebrations should be prosecuted by the state.  And he is for a carbon tax in order to forestall "climate change," which shows that he has swallowed whole the global warning pseudoscience.

Still, I didn't expect  Johnson to actually win the election, but a big vote for him would demonstrate the dissatisfaction felt by many Americans, like me, who are unhappy with both major party candidates this year, no matter which of the Terrible Two ultimately triumphs to plague this nation for the next four years.

However, I recently began to hear about a new independent Presidential candidate representing the traditional conservative viewpoint, Evan McMullin.

Evan Who? I hear you say and that was my first thought, too.  So the NeverTrump forces finally found a candidate even more obscure than Paul French, Bill Kristol's Great White Hope?  But McMullin had one advantage over French, he was actually willing to become a candidate.

McMullin has a fairly impressive resume.  He is a former CIA operative, business professional, and House GOP Policy Director.  However, my initial thought was that he had entered the race far too late for his candidacy to have an impact.  I suppose I could write his name in on my Presidential ballot, but write-in results are hardly ever reported by the news, unless the candidate written in is actually viewed as a possible victor in the fall election.  No one thinks this could happen with McMullin, even in our wildest dreams.

However, on the National Review Online website yesterday I learned that McMullin had actually made it onto the presidential ballot of Virginia, my home state, so a vote for him in the Old Dominion would be tabulated and reported.  This spurred me to find and view the McMullin campaign's website, where I learned that his campaign organization had already succeeded in getting him on the ballot in seven other states; Colorado, Iowa, Utah, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Arkansas.

So apparently, the McMullin campaign is a going concern and he has my vote (for the moment, at least).  But don't take my word for it.  Go to his website at and see for yourself.