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Good News for the Democrats? - 9-12-16

I'm sure no decent person wishes Hillary Clinton to die and that we all hope that she makes a speedy recovery from her recent illness.

However, we also can't ignore the possibility that Mrs. Clinton may not do so and that she may be forced to step down as the Democrat's presidential candidate and replaced with someone chosen by the Democratic National Committee.

If that happens, I cannot imagine that this will be anything but good news for the Democrats.  It has been said, and rightly so, that Trump and Clinton are the only two Presidential candidates that could win the election only with the other one as their opponent.  It is hard to think of any plausible candidate the Democrats might put forward who would not start out as the favorite against Donald Trump.

But who would it be?  Your guess is as good as mine.  There will certainly be strong pressure from the Democrat's left-wing to choose Bernie Sanders, who after all was clearly the runner-up in the primary campaign.  However, I think that it is extremely unlikely that the DNC, which is dominated by supporters of Obama and Clinton, will choose the person, a self-proclaimed socialist, who would surely be the next weakest Presidential candidate the Democrats could run in the fall election.

After that there are a lot of possibilities.  They might raise Vice President candidate Tim Kaine to the top slot and choose a new Vice Presidential candidate as well.  Or they might ask 2000 and 2004 Presidential nominees Al Gore or John Kerry to run again.  If Sanders is not chosen, former governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland and former Senator James Webb of Virginia, who also briefly ran for the nomination this year, might claim precedence.  (Webb is one Democrat I would happily vote for if the only Republican alternative was Donald Trump.)  Or they might even chose Obama's Vice President Joe Biden to run, although at 73, four years older than either Clinton or Trump, I cannot imagine he would do so other than as a one-term placeholder.