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Ted, We Hardly Knew Ye  - 9/26/16

As I'm sure you have all heard by now, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, has endorsed Donald Trump for President.

He did this even though Trump has done nothing to retract or apologize for his insulting statements about Cruz's wife, Heidi, or his ridiculous claim that Ted's father was involved in the Kennedy assassination, which Senator Cruz had claimed would be prerequisites to any endorsement.

So why did Cruz do this and make a complete turnaround from what I thought was his brave speech at the Republican National Convention this summer, in which he declined to endorse the Donald and told Republicans to follow their consciences when they cast their votes for President?

Has something changed in the meantime?  Well, certainly Donald Trump hasn't, he is still the same ignorant, bombastic, demagogic figure he was at the beginning of the fight for the GOP nomination.

What has changed are some of the election poll results.  At the time of the GOP convention, nearly all the polls showed Trump losing to Hillary Clinton in the fall election, sometimes by double digit margins.

Now for Cruz's stand against Trump to be justified in the eyes of the pro-Trump Republicans, it would be necessary for him not just to lose, but to do so by a landslide margin.  This would show that the eccentric businessman was doomed to lose from the start.  On the other hand, If Trump lost by a narrow margin, the Trump supporters in the GOP could make the claim instead that he might have won, if holdouts like Cruz had just given him their support.

When Cruz gave his speech the odds were in favor of the first outcome.  However, in recent days, due to various factors, including new developments in the email scandal and concerns raised over Clinton's health, the polls have tightened considerably, with just about as many of them showing Trump as Clinton the winner, though nearly all the victory margins in these surveys are within the margin of error.

I'm afraid Cruz's reaction to these new poll results has been to decide that the risk he had taken by failing to support Trump was too great for the future of his personal political career.  Already, Texas GOP Congressman Mike McCaul has indicated he may challenge Cruz in the Republican primary when the Senator is up for re-election in 2018.

So Ted Cruz has decided to fall in line and join the other GOP lemmings rushing to disaster over the edge of the cliff.  Perhaps it is just as well that he did not win the nomination of his party, this decision on his part shows me he is not the man I thought he was.

I had admired him for taking a tough stand, but there is no honor in doing so when someone changes his mind about doing so as soon as it appears that it may involve considerable personal risk.  Ted, we hardly knew ye!

(UPDATE - 9/28/16: Cruz continues his grovel to the Trump forces in the GOP, now he has offered to brief the Donald prior to the final Presidential debates, and based on Trump's mediocre performance in the first debate on Monday, he could use all the help he can get.  Conservative talkshow host Glenn Beck also said recently that he now regrets his support of Cruz and wishes he had backed Marco Rubio instead.   Glenn, you aren't the only one!)

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