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Why, NeverTrump? - 10/18/16

I haven't had much to say for the last few weeks about the current campaign because frankly, anything about it worth saying has been said already and ad infinitum.  That is, there are only two people running for President who can possibly win, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both of whom are equally unqualified to serve as our nation's leader both because of their lack of the abilities needed to do the job and the temperament to do it in a way commensurate with our country's honor and dignity.

Of course, voting for Hillary Clinton has always been out of the question for me.  Her record (or rather her lack of one) speaks for itself, serving initially as First Lady of the state of Arkansas, then in the White House during the most corrupt administration in American history, eight years in the U.S. Senate with no accomplishments to speak of and most lately, U.S. Secretary of State during the Obama years, in which position she did nothing of note but follow the lead of a President whose policies have left America much weaker and less respected than it had been he moved into the White House.

It can't be doubted that a Hillary Clinton administration for four, or worse, eight years, would only continue the disastrous policies, both foreign and domestic that we have had to endure already for eight long years.  Neither Obama or Clinton have ever seen a problem that can't be solved by throwing more money at it (with the exception of defense spending) and hiring a few thousand more government employees.  Nor have either of them have ever met a liberal catchphrase or stereotype that they haven't embraced.  A Clinton administration would leave us with a country weaker, less prosperous and less able to defend itself and with a federal judiciary ever more eager to let the state do whatever it wants, regardless of the wishes of the people.

Why, you say, if you really believe this, are you not willing to support Donald Trump, despite his flaws?  If you think having Hillary in the White House will be bad for the nation and that a Trump administration is only very likely to be a disaster, why not go for the choice with a glimmer of hope rather than the one that is certain to result in failure?

My answer is first, that I think the glimmer of hope is very dim indeed.  Based on his past performance, just during the Presidential nomination process, it is my belief that any conservative or Republican who believes that a man who has acted like a spoiled two year old child on the path to the White House is likely to prove to be another Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan if he takes up residence in the Executive Mansion.

True, Trump has taken conservative positions on a few issues and even produced a list of possible right-wing Supreme Court appointees he might appoint if the ever gets the chance.  But pardon me, if I express my doubts as to the sincerity of his views.  Prior to this year, there was no indication that Trump considered himself a conservative (and more recently, Trump, having attained the nomination of the Republican party, took pains to mention that the name of the party of which he is now, God help us, the de facto leader was "Republican" and not "conservative.")  And has there been another Presidential election in which the nominee of one political party had in the past donated thousands of dollars, not just to candidates of the other party, but had even contributed to the past campaigns of his opponent in the Presidential race!

It is clear from the record  that prior to 2016, Trump used his financial clout to support candidates and office holders based on one standard-What can they do for me personally?  This is not an irrational point of view, but it is hardly a principled one.  It is obvious that the Donald has no loyalty to conservatism, the Republican party or even the United States of America, Trump's only loyalty is to Trump.

So, if Trump makes it to the White House, we cannot expect him to remain loyal to any individual or position any longer than continuing to hold that position appears to threaten his popularity.  If this means betraying conservative principles, he will do that.  If it means splitting the Republican party in order to increase his personal approbation, he will do that.

But, even if Trump is highly unlikely to be a loyal leader and defender of the Republican party, the GOP will nonetheless will be identified with him and bear the blame for his surely disastrous administration.  A Trump Presidency is likely to cripple the future prospects of the Republican party as badly or worse as did the Herbert Hoover administration during the Great Depression.  While a Clinton administration is certainly not a welcome prospect, at least it will result in solid GOP opposition to her policies, which would not be the case if Trump is elected President leading a badly divided Republican party against an firmly united Democratic opposition.

And that is why, I will not vote for Donald Trump and bear the responsibility of being an enabler of the antics he will engage in if he becomes the Chief Executive of our nation.  Nor do I buy the argument that by doing so, I will be responsible for the election of Hillary Clinton as President.  As far as I am concerned, if Clinton wins, just two groups of individuals will bear the blame, first, those who will actually vote for her in the general election and second, those irresponsible Trump supporters in the Republican party who gave the GOP in 2016 the one and only Presidential candidate that Hillary Clinton could ever defeat.

So on Election Day, I will cast my vote for Evan McMullin for President.  Not because I think he has any chance of winning the election (although recent polls indicate he may have some chance of actually carrying his home state of Utah) but as my protest vote for the kind of candidate and political principles the GOP should have presented us with this year.  I am still a Republican and below the Presidential race I will cast my ballot for any plausible GOP candidate for any local offices that are up for election this year and I hope all Republicans, pro- or Never-Trump will do the same.  (Although Mr. Trump has already suggested that his supporters punish any Republican candidates for down ballot offices who have refused to drink the Trump Kool-Aid by withholding their support from them.  Some party leader.  I hope they will ignore him, at least in this case.  A Republican House and Senate is our best defense against the worst excesses of a Clinton Presidency.)

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