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Up Till Now Everything Had Been Satisfactory - 12/2/16

One of my favorite stories is the following, which I did not realize was supposed to be about a German baby until I Googled it.

"So there is this couple and they adopt a baby from Germany. The baby never starts speaking, even after 3 years. After four years of the boy not speaking the couple take the boy to the doctor, but the doctor says that everything is developing fine, and that there is nothing wrong with him.Then one day, when the boy is eating some apple strudel,        and he says, "This apple strudel is a bit tepid".

"Wolfgang," the couple say, "you have never spoken before, why do you speak now?"

And the boy says, "Up until now everything had been satisfactory"

This story describes perfectly the reason that I have posted very little on my blog since the election was settled.  So far, things have been relatively satisfactory to me.

I admit I had expected the worst from Mr. Trump.  Of course, I am by my nature a pessimist for Benjamin Franklin's reason for being one.  "Some people are optimists," said Ben, "which means that they are constantly being disappointed by the outcome of events.  As a pessimist, I am never disappointed and am often pleasantly surprised."

And I have to admit I have been pleasantly surprised by President-Elect Trump's appointments to his administration since Election Day.  General Jim Mattis for Secretary of Defense, Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Congressman Mike Pompeo as Director of Central Intelligence, Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education and Congressman Tom Price as head of Health and Human Services-these are all appointments I would not have been disappointed in-in fact I would have applauded them--if they had been made by Governor Scott Walker or Senator Ted Cruz if they had made it to the White House.  Some other appointments I am not as enthusiastic about (like Wilbur Ross as Secretary of Commerce, who appears some left-wing views on trade issues), but all of them so far appear to be of solid, qualified individuals.

I had been a little concerned that some of the Donald's appointments to important posts would have been of political has-beens like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani, whose only qualifications would have been their early support of his at the time seemingly quixotic Presidential campaign.  It is one thing to reward your friends and supporters, but not when doing so would leave the country in less than capable hands.  The apparent willingness of Trump to consider his former harsh critic Mitt Romney for appointment to a key position shows that he is willing to put aside past animosities in favor of the public good.

I salute Donald Trump for his decisions so far and hope he will continue down this path after he is actually sworn into office.  Good work, sir!

UPDATE: President-Elect Trump decision to speak on the phone today with President Tsai Ing-wen,the leader of Free China (aka "Taiwan"), the first time an American President has done so since Jimmy Carter broke relations with them almost 40 years ago to bend America's knee to the tyrants and butchers of Red China.  Good work, sir, indeed! 

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